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A New Player Has Entered the Game

As the World of Us grows, so does its population

Throughout life we lean on others to guide us. Whether this is with advice on which path to take or to teach us along the way, passing on information they can share about what might lay ahead. The best guides hold knowledge about the past and teach from experience. 

Much like the allies we look for in the real world, games have long provided guides. These guides can help you explore the game worlds, give you hints to complete levels, or steer you to hidden gems. In Never Alone, the puzzle-platform adventure video game developed by Upper One Games and published by E-Line Media, spirits guide the game play. In games like Skyrim you can interact and change guides throughout the gameplay, each one providing you with special insights and skills to advance you. 

Our game is no exception. 

WoU needed a guide to take players by the hand and introduce them to the new world we’ve created. Our guide in WoU is there to educate and inform as well as provide a companion for players as they build confidence in connecting with others within the game. They are a host if you will, welcoming each guest into the game and helping them to find their way and to better understand how the World of Us came to be.  

The name of our wonderful new character? NOLA. 

Keep an eye out for more on NOLA as we continue to develop this fantastical being and bring WoU to life.

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