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Together We Can Create a Bright Digital Future

The World of Us (WoU) platform is the brainchild of a collective of thinkers and researchers from all over the world, who identified the need to simplify and demystify the complex concepts related to technological evolution and its impact on humanity. The main goal of WoU is to compile and simplify messages for the community in a digestible way.

The platform provides an information hub where users can access analytical and academic content on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, the Future of Learning and Education, Decolonising Education, and Intersectional Ecology. 

Created in tandem with WoU Game: an upcoming digital adventure space where children learn about the world around them through play. WoU is an intersectional resource exploring important social, environmental, and cultural topics.

Together we can create a bright digital future. 

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World of Us was created by TALES: a non-profit, multimedia initiative dedicated to sharing the world’s inspiring stories. Discover more here.

WoU is a continuously evolving and community-based hub created by TALES. Learn more about the project here.