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Water, Water Everywhere

Dive into one of our most crucial game components

It’s no secret that water plays a giant part in all of our lives. How could it not? Humans are 60% water after all. In gaming, movies and pop culture water has been depicted as one of the most nurturing, gentle and soft parts of human existence. That being said, it’s also been depicted as power. But when it comes to designing water, how can one create something that’s so delicate and so powerful all at once?

In the World of Us game, we’ve decided to use water as one of our key components – amplifying the way it connects our communities across the globe, and how it empowers and enriches the lands around us. 

For us, water won’t just appear in its traditional forms of rivers, seas and lakes. Water will be a guide to take us on a journey and help us to grow this digital landscape. But like all of the other components, we’ve had to do our research. In the series of ‘Water, Water Everywhere’, we’re going to show you why this fantastic resource holds such value for us and how it will show up in our game and our World, ahem, WoU.

Because, when it comes to water, there’s always more beneath the surface.

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