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Introducing World of Us (WoU): A Digital Adventure for Kids

Welcome to the World of Us (WoU), a captivating virtual realm where players embark on a journey to explore collective human stories and the wonders of the natural world. WoU weaves together the diverse tapestry of our histories, mythologies, and narratives, creating a vibrant playground for players to connect, learn, and be themselves.

Your Journey Begins

As a player in the WoU, you'll traverse enchanting landscapes filled with creatures, plants, and artefacts drawn from cultures across the globe. As a player, your primary goal is to explore the World of Us and restore its tales and mythologies. As you navigate, solving puzzles and exploring new territories, you'll collect mementoes related to world mythology and the natural world. These mementoes will serve multiple purposes in WoU journey of the player. Your exploration and discoveries breathe life into the WoU, causing it to flourish, expand and grow.

Philosophy and Inclusivity

WoU is a virtual theme park created for children aged 8 and up, where they can connect with peers from around the world in a fun, safe environment. Narratives, symbols, and references within WoU draw from traditional tales and myths, with a focus on decolonizing knowledge production. The game's development involves close collaboration with representatives from regions like Congo, Romania, India, and Brazil, bridging ancestral wisdom into new digital landscapes.

Themes in WoU

WoU explores various themes throughout its lands, emphasizing language, playfulness, climate, collaboration, environment, identity, tales, and ownership. These themes create a balanced and global perspective, fostering connections and cultural understanding. WoU’s core gameplay is one of cooperation as opposed to competition. This gameplay is not just important in quests and exploration but also in fostering a deep understanding of the world we share in the young mind iterating with WoU. Players’ journey is visible to others, where planting seeds, nurturing animals, and building sculptures will influence the experiences of fellow players.

Join the Adventure

Get ready to embark on a magical journey through the World of Us, where your choices, interactions, and discoveries shape a world that celebrates diversity, nature, and the power of human connection. Join us in this enchanting adventure, where every experience is an opportunity to learn, play, and make a difference.



World of Us is a project developed by TALES, a non-profit initiative dedicated to creating transformative change through storytelling and education. Visit our website to learn more. Estimated Soft Launch: 2024